Update: Tex Quit And Apparently Hates Me

So unfortunately I got to address this quickly. It’s the only time I’m going to address it. Tex quit today. Not overly surprising since he basically was telling anybody who would listen he was going to quit and he stopped coming to work. To be honest I’m not quite sure why he is mad at me. There is no longstanding back story or grudge. As I told him months ago I didn’t think he was fit for content and as a result didn’t interact with him much anymore. . My only mistake was not proactively stopping him from being in videos, but it was hard when he constantly inserted himself in it. He was here to lead the Viceroy program and I thought was very good at it. He didn’t work for me. He didn’t report to me.

A couple weeks ago while I was on vacation he wrote an article about the hottest handicapped women and I told Keith not to publish it and told Tex he wasn’t content so I’m not sure why he was writing articles. I think that made him mad and he stopped coming in? I could be wrong, but that’s the only thing I can gather and seems to be what people think. Erika asked him why he stopped coming in and he went radio silent. Bottomline is I have nothing against Tex. It’s kinda sad to see him unravel on twitter but it is what it is. I always liked him and will still like him regardless of what he says about me. If he needs help I hope he gets it and I’d be happy to make sure he gets it.