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Guess How Much This Conor McGregor Outfit Costs!


A few nights back, Conor McGregor and the rest of #TeamMcGregor were rolling around Manhattan with their names on billboards, getting into real life Delorians, and doing some legitimate, true mob boss shit. I say that because I have no idea what they were doing and I have never seen New York City look the way it looked in those pictures. Must’ve been pretty legit though. Now, you might be asking, “If you’re really apart of #TeamMcGregor, why weren’t you there with them?” to which I’d respond that the current #TeamMcGregor prerogative is to low and stay out of trouble with the NYPD for a bit. Because of this, inviting someone under 21 out for a night on the town isn’t the best idea. ANYWAY, I saw the pictures, I thought they were awesome, and I didn’t really think anything more of them until this morning, when The Mac Life Style detailed the fit Conor had on.


Pretty sweet lookin’ look, there, ain’t it? How much do ya think it cost him?

Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 1.12.12 PM

Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 1.12.21 PM

If you’re doing the math correctly at home, adding up McGregor’s $3,280 Louis Vuitton tracksuit, his $1,170 Louis Vuitton kicks, and his $62,370 Patek Philippe Nautilius watch, you’re getting $66,820. So if you answered, sixty six thousand, eight hundred and twenty motherfucking dollars, you’d be correct. Sweet Jesus.

Talk about kings doing king shit.