Florida Teacher Quit His Job And is Now Making Double His Salary For Being a Professional Grocery Shopper

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Daily Mail

A Florida teacher has doubled his salary by quitting the classroom to become a professional grocery shopper earning $100k a year.

Ed Hennessey, 45, spent 20 years of his life teaching students at Oviedo High School, but always had to work extra jobs at Blockbuster, Old Navy, Target and later Uber to support his two children. He joined Shipt part-time in 2015, had some success building up a customer base, and then took a year-long sabbatical to shop full-time two years. Last month, he gave up teaching for good. 

‘It’s so relaxing, I get to go out. I see people, I’m my own boss – I am what I want to be,’ he told Wesh 2. ‘My approach and making sure that I know my customers and know exactly what they want.’

Hennessey puts in 50 to 60 hours a week, without the advantage of the school summer holidays. Hennessey said he never wanted to leave teaching, which he described as the ‘best time of his life’, but did not have a sufficient income when his salary never topped $50,000.

What a WORLD we live in where you can become a professional grocery shopper and bank over $100k. That’s insane. All you do all week is follow a list on an app of what to buy, and deliver that food and what-not to the person’s home. You work 50-60 hours a week, but it’s all on when you decide to do it. That’s all you do and here is $100,000. This dude was a teacher for twenty years and because the educational system is fucked and teachers get paid literally nothing for what they do, he left to join Shopt like a genius.

Who the hell wants to be a Florida high school teacher these days? Just take out Florida from that sentence and it doesn’t sound appealing. Sure most of the kids are normal in high school and just are there spacing out, but there’s at least three kids per class that are just degenerates and fuck with a teacher to make his/her life a living hell. Now incorporate Florida into that equation and probably half of the kids are crazy people. It’s got to be a tough look for that school district to see this guy, who had tenure I’m assuming, quit and start shopping for double his salary. Good luck trying to keep teachers from leaving after hearing that piece of news. I know this guy did that for twenty years and I’m sure he loved it, but dude you’re making double your salary to buy food at a grocery store. Stop crying and count your money. If this isn’t the most 2018 job out there that provides a good living I don’t know what is.