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Buddhist Monk Gets Triggered Online And Calls A Tourist An "Uncultured Fuck" In The Comment Section

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A Buddhist priest whose grumpy responses to negative hotel reviews went viral this week has taken a swipe at tourists who fail to do their homework before visiting Japanese temples.

The Sekishoin Shukubo guesthouse offers tourists the chance to stay in an ancient Buddhist temple in Mount K?ya, a World Heritage-listed site south of Osaka. But some customers got more than they bargained for when they left critical comments on
After a visitor complained about the “basic and vegetarian” meals and the lack of explanation of the temple’s traditions, the official “property response” pointed out it was a place of training and westerners would not get special treatment, adding: “If you are that interested in a monks life then you should shave your head and be one.”

In another exchange, a customer said there was no heating outside the bedroom and the “strange” meals were “quite unlike any food I’ve ever tasted”, prompting the reply: “Yeah, it’s Japanese monastic cuisine you uneducated fuck.”

Daniel Kimura, 30, an official Shingon priest who was born in the United States but has lived in Japan for about 15 years, owned up to the negative replies.

This dude must be miserable to hang out with. Not the original fella who hated the fact that the Japanese temple was serving some weird ass vegetarian nonsense, but the monk. Imagine hanging out with that dude. Bro, of course people complained about that weird-ass food. If I went to a Buddhist temple to stay for a luxury vacation and they served me up some fucking sweet potatoes and swiss chard, I’d be irate.

Saturday night I had antelope, my good bitch. Fucking antelope. The protein was as tender as it was flavorful. What flavors? Morrocan, so don’t try that ‘uncultured fuck’ ballyhoo on me. I reject that descriptor of me on the ground floor and with good reason.

Anyway, let’s take a look at what this place is like.



The temple looks pretty good, I guess. I wouldn’t have painted it red because it screams “look at me” which is the opposite of what you’re trying to do with the joint but what’s done is done. The food looks like an interesting meal but I’m not sure if it’s something I’d want several days in a row. My biggest issue with the meal is that there’s a soup that has no meat or veggies in it at all. Keep that shit. I’m not a sick elderly woman so I’m not drinking broth. Make it miso. Give it some tofu. Throw in a couple of organically harvested mushrooms. Just don’t get mad when I post some negative comments on your yelp page because you aren’t ready for my refined palate that craves nothing but pure, American beef.

In conclusion, Monk Daniel,,, please chill. Namaste.

Side note: I’m glad I’m not doing the dishes at that place. Each person has like 45 plates. Ever heard of being more environmentally friendly, monks? Have a bigger carbon footprint. You cant.