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MLB Instant Replay Blows

The worst thing about the Cubs losing is having to listen to David DeJesus fumble each and every sentence in the postgame. The second worst part is when you lose because MLB replay fucks you so hard yet so inconclusively that you can’t remember who exactly did the fucking here. Am I mad at Addison? MLB? The Pirates for making a play? I have no clue. I want to blame it all on everyone but myself, naturally.

At some point we need to admit replay is going too far, particularly when it’s your team on the wrong side. So I’ll say it – replay is going too far. Fuck replay.

I want conclusive video evidence. I want 100% certainty. There is no room for a shadow of a reasonable doubt, only  slam dunks. Especially when its 5-4 with the tying run on 3rd in the 9th. Figure it out one time MLB. No one signed up for this bullshit when replay got approved.

That said, the real title of this blog should be Addison Russell Doesn’t Know How To Run The Fucking Bases. 3B coach Brian Butterfield is working his way down the 3rd base line seeing Bote in safe at home. Massive play. Momentum for days. Anyone with a fraction of god given common sense knows you stay at 2nd base in that situation. Worst thing in the universe is a first out at 3rd base. The biggest loser in my 16inch league knows that rule but somehow Addison doesn’t. I can’t keep going because I’m legit going to have a heart attack and an ER visit would blow up my HSA account. But this isn’t about me. It’s about MLB instant replay and Addison Russell – both of whom SUCKED BALLS for the Cubs in the 9th inning tonight.

Here’s who doesn’t suck – Javy Baez. Blah blah blah. Bunch of other words. Baez is so much cooler than your guy, whoever the fuck he is. Go Cubs.

PS – That’s Javy’s 69th career Yabo

PPS – Neat.