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It's The Question That Everybody Has Been Asking--Does Ostrich Racing Need Enforcers?

Here’s a concept that not a lot of people understand. Many think that enforcers make sports more dangerous because they are often only utilized to fight or inflict some physical harm on another player. However, the role of the enforcer is actually to make the sport safer. It is to create an environment where everybody plays within the rules so that they don’t have to suffer the consequences of crossing the line and getting their shit kicked in by an enforcer. So you would only need to add an enforcer to something if you need to make it a safer sport.

As for ostrich racing? Well the answer to that question is a resounding “abso-fucking-lutely ostrich racing needs enforcers”.

I mean just look at it out there. It’s a goddamn free for all. It’s like the wild west. And to be quite honest, I don’t even know who would be enforcing what. I mean would you need human enforcers to keep the other jockeys in line? Would you need ostrich enforcers to keep the other ostriches in line? Would you need an ostrich to be the enforcers to the humans or vice-versa? These are the questions that men who are much smarter than me will have the answers to. But as somebody who has spent their entire life studying which sports do and do not need enforcers, I can say with full certainty that ostrich racing would definitely benefit from some. It’s just complete and utter chaos where the sport stands today.