Can't Wait Till The PC Police Declares War On App That Fat Shames You Into Losing Weight



CarrotFit – If you started the new year with all good intentions to lose weight, but have started flagging, let your smartphone shame you into shedding the pounds. Carrot Fit is the latest ‘sadistic’ app from Pennsylvania developer Brian Mueller designed to ‘threaten, intimidate and ridicule’ users into losing weight. Users input their weight on a daily basis, and receive judgement from the ‘Carrot overlord’, yet equally, if they lose weight, Carrot will offer encouragement.

Brilliant, but no way this flies without maximum resistant from the fatties. Last time I checked it’s 2014 and you’re required to not tell it how it is. Everyone gets a trophy and nothing is your fault. People are even trying to weed out the term “obese” because of it’s negative connotation towards the fats and that’s literally the scientific word for being drastically overweight and unhealthy. Well, maybe it’s time to stop coddling these people and give them a dose of reality. You think Big Cat would’ve dropped 26 pounds in 3 weeks if he didn’t have thousands of individuals mocking him and his nipples of the night? Possibly, but the negativity had to help motivate him to rig that scale in his favor. Having a fake voice call you a meatbag is a lot better than having all the kids in the neighborhood seriously call you Moby Dick. Or Captain Ahab once you lose that leg to the Diabetes.