Everything Coming Up Cleveland, Browns Introduce New Live Dog Mascot Named "Swagger"



BEREA, Ohio – The Browns reportedly are entering the live mascot business.  Kevin Griffin, the Browns vice president of fan experience and marketing, told 92.3 The Fan on Sunday the club will use a bullmastiff as its mascot this season after years of just having costumed canines roaming the sidelines.

The dog will be named Swagger and lead the team onto the field before games. It’s the latest attempt by the Browns to play off the Dawg Pound. Canton McKinley High School has used live bulldogs for years. The same with the University of Georgia.



Stay hot Cleveland. Johnny Football, Lebron, now this, a live dog mascot named Swagger. The city of Cleveland is basically on a massive gambling heater right now. Like when you’re sitting at the blackjack table and you can’t lose. Start playing super aggressive and hitting every card you need. Doubling down on 7’s and 8’s, splitting low pairs, just throwing money around knowing in the end you’ll be fine because you’re on a roll. That’s Cleveland. Oh we’re the hottest sports city in the world now? K cool, how about a live dog mascot. Oh and if that’s not enough we’re going to have some 15 year old douche bro name him. Boom, Swagger. Love it.




Would love to see what this guy’s last week has been like.