Guy In The Bleachers Pulls The Old Switcheroo On A Home Run Ball, Throws Back Ball In His Pocket And Keeps The Souvenir




You know how we make fun of guys for bringing gloves to the game, or guys that care THAT much about catching home run balls. Well I have to say, if you not only bring your glove but you also bring an extra “throw it back” ball in your pocket, well then you somehow have gained my respect. That right there is the very definition of go big or go home. If you’re going to be a ball catching weirdo you might as well be a ball catching weirdo  that carries around extra balls in his cargo shorts. 28 HR balls in his lifetime don’t lie.




Oh and here is Henry Rowengartner’s first pitch. Pretty fun the throw it back magician and Gardenhoser’s first pitch happened in the same day




Love the guy in blue on the right. “Hey wait a minute!”

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