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'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Cast Writes Open Letter In Support Of James Gunn

Like I mentioned when I first blogged Gunn’s firing, the tweets were really indefensible and the fact that he knew they were out there and didn’t scrub them was really shortsighted. That said, actors, actresses, directors, producers, etc. with wayyyyyy worse skeletons in their closet continue getting work every single day in Hollywood. I found Gunn’s ownership of the tweets in his apology in the age of non-apologies/deflections to be sincere, and personally think he should be back at the reigns of GotG Vol. 3.

Hollywood can be extremely cutthroat, so it’s really awesome to see the cast of the movie show solidarity with the director. The petition to get Gunn re-hired has 340k signatures already, so it’s pretty clear that the people want him re-hired. Combine that with the star-studded cast having his back, thats a lot of pressure on Micky Mouse. If I had to guess, I’d imagine they re-hire him. If not, I’m still hoping for Taika Waititi to take over.

Also, I need to note that Pom Klementieff has an outrageous signature. That’s some John Hancock level shit right there.


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