Meet The Rough N Rowdy 4 Fighters - Anthony Scandy From Youngstown State vs Andrew O'Nesti From Kent State

“I’m currently the president of the Golden Gloves boxing club at Kent State… I really only wanted to fight the best of the best. Let’s see if Anthony can walk the walk and talk the talk”

Would have never guessed the dude with the glasses was the one presiding over the Golden Gloves boxing club at Kent State. But thats Rough N Rowdy for you. Never know who’s gonna crawl out of the woodwork and blow everyone away in a blaze of glory or despair. Andrew does seem weirdly confident and that would worry me if I was Anthony though. No amount of YSU football can prepare you for a complete tactical assault by a guy who knows everything about the sport in the very birthplace of boxing itself. Sure maybe Andrew is playing us all. But honestly getting a bigtime Milkman vibe from him here. Quiet confidence that’s just ready for that action boss. Everyone thought that guy was a joke and he had one of the best knockouts in RnR history. Don’t forget to keep your hands high Tony. Kent State’s best is coming for that ass.

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