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After Two Years of Sitting Out of Football Battling Concussions, Cornerback Sam Shields Is Back in Full Pads For the LA Rams

Woah, this was news I certainly didn’t expect to see this morning. Beloved Green Bay Packer, and now LA Ram, Sam Shields is back in the NFL and practicing in full pads after sitting out the last two seasons in the NFL. I truly never expected Shields to play again after suffering four known concussions while playing for the Packers from 2010 to 2016. Shields was a ball hawk and was a pivotal piece in winning Super Bowl 45 in his rookie season.

Shields went undrafted, but was scooped up by Ted Thompson and became a mainstay in the Packers secondary for years. Unfortunately he suffered way too many concussions and the very cautious Packers’ training staff did not feel comfortable putting him back on the field (fuck you Marty Bennett). They did the same with Jermichael Finley and his spinal injury and never let him play again. Well, it looks like Sam has found a home in LA and is finally fully healthy and ready to play football again.

His highlight reel in Green Bay is something I’ll watch when I get bored. The read he would get on QBs to be able to jump passing routes was like no other. He even boxed out Calvin Johnson for a pick despite a six inch heigh difference.

Shields and Tramon Williams in the secondary were a big reason the Packers won the Super Bowl. Since they left Green Bay hasn’t come close to replacing them. Hopefully with the recent overhaul they just did with Kevin King, Jaire Alexander, and Josh Jackson (as well as bringing Tramon back as a veteran mentor) they can try to replicate it and maybe not have opponents from 400 yards every game on them.

All the best to Sam Shields, I’m so happy he made it back into the league.