Guy Fieri Putting That Fraud Elon Musk To Shame, Feeding 5,000 Wildfire Evacuees With Little Publicity

This is such a perfect metaphor for life, how we often times applaud the wrong things. Guy Fieri, who gets clowned on unfairly because he likes bold flavors and fire shirts, is a genuinely good person who helps his fellow citizens in their time of need. Meanwhile Elon Musk, who everyone thinks is some super scientist that will get us to Mars with dick sucking robots and rocket launchers, is actually in it for publicity and all the wrong reasons. One helps people with tangible results (Guy providing meals), the other uses tragedy to show off his mini submarines that don’t even work. One does things out of the goodness of his heart without any fanfare or recognition, the other publicly states he’s going to fix every problem then never follows up on any of his promises.  Elon Musk spends his days looking to the stars trying to escape this planet so everyone will call him a genius, meanwhile those of us who spend our time in Flavortown USA realize it’s a pretty kick ass place to live, plus the donkey sauce isn’t all that bad.

Now who wants a signed Lean Cuisine?