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Monday Homestretch/I HATE NY

NASDAQ down over 1% today, continuing a 3 day lag that brings the index back to its lowest levels since July 5th.  FANG stocks still the culprit on the way down with Netflix lower by just over 5% as people wonder if internet stocks that promise unlimited growth are actually running out of people to sign up.

Here’s your Finance calendar for this week…

Monday — CBS Board of Directors meet; Transocean and AK Steel earnings after bell
Tuesday — Barstool Breakfast w/ co-host Large, 7-9AM on SIRIUS Channel 85; Eurozone second-quarter GDP released; Pfizer, Procter & Gamble and Apple earnings
Wednesday — Federal Reserve announces interest rate decision; Sprint and Tesla earnings
Thursday — Barstool Breakfast w/ co-host Large; Bank of England announces interest rates decision; Yum Brands and Aetna earnings
Friday — Barstool Breakfast w/ co-host Large; US jobs report released; Kraft Heinz and Toyota earnings

The CBS board meeting today is to discuss the decades old sexual harassment allegations against CEO Les Moonves (real name- Leslie Moonveslie).

Decades old… Hmmm.

Every time I read something like this I wonder if there is anything from my past (outside of the inappropriate blogs) that would doom my career and/or marriage.  Is there some former intern of mine that is still steaming from that time I called her a “cunt” for getting me brie on my ham sandwich instead of Swiss cheese?… (Brie?… What am I, a pussy?).

If there is such a lady out there, please step forward now, and accept my sincerest apologies… Then please make me a ham sandwich with swiss.

Celebrity Birthdays- Arnold turns 71 today, and talk about a guy who is fucking bulletproof to public scorn.

Bill Burr, as usual, sums it up best…

On top of that, does anyone remember Arnold’s last official act as governor?  I do.

Minutes before ending his two terms as Cali gov, Schwarzenegger issued his final act: Commuting the sentence of Esteban Nunez, the teen who pleaded guilty to the stabbing death of Luis Santos in 2008… Nunez stabbed Santos in the fucking heart outside of a frat party.

Esteban’s dad was Fabian Nunez, California’s most powerful Democrat and a political ally to Arnold who seemed to cash-in before the Governor left office.

No one told the Santos family their son’s killer was suddenly being freed from prison… I think they read about it in the paper.

I may be an “old weirdo”, but Arnold is a fucking gap-toothed coward, and I hope he finds a lump in his tit.

… And now he’s a woman.

Also, today at the Cheesecake Factory…


You will not see me there, because I don’t trust places that have 30 page menus.

And finally…

Engineer, amateur boxer, and blogger, Pat tweeted this exchange between a crackhead and a Jehova’s witness this weekend, and it reminded me why I never take a fucking NYC subway…

Outside of the crack cocaine, the list of her demands really aren’t all that unreasonable… I think I heard “beer”, “Bacardi”, and maybe “French fries and chicken wings.”  I would like to add “bra” and “longer shorts” to that list, because her breast size can only be described as 36Long, and the amount of thigh overlap that is clearly visible would make it virtually impossible for this young lady to wear corduroy without starting a fire.

She could also use an equally heavy earring for her right ear, so she doesn’t look so lopsided.

Take a report.