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Dog Steals A GoPro And Greatness Ensues

Best. Video. Ever. This went viral as fuck yesterday and for good reason. A pup stealing a GoPro and ripping around the yard while his owner fails to catch him. The dog’s eyes darting around like he’s a fugitive is LOL funny. We really stumbled onto something great here. We haven’t stumbled onto something this great since the discovery of penicillin. This shouldn’t be a one time thing. I need all the dogs stealing all the GoPros. Didn’t ABC have dog surfing on over the weekend? Might as well make Dogs Stealing GoPros And Their Owners Try To Catch Them on TV. You’re telling me people wouldn’t watch that? People would watch that.

My favorite part is seeing flashes of the owner every once awhile. He’s just flailing his arms in frustration. The dude is completely helpless. His other dogs aren’t doing him any favors either. They’re rooting their pal on and hoping he never gets caught. One of the better videos in a long long while.