So Far at Training Camp it's Patriots 2, Boston Globe 0

It must just be a job requirement at John Henry’s failing Boston Globe. That in order to stay in management’s good graces, you’ve got to constantly be sniping the Patriots with grandstanding accusations. This week Shaughnessy kick training camp with his phony hardo routine, now Ben Volin derails Brady’s first Q&A by accusing TB12 Fitness of giving Julian Edelman the Banned Mystery Substance.

Funny how we never hear smartass bombs like this tossed in the direction of John Henry’s baseball team. But hey, Volin didn’t accuse him of stealing money from the Best Buddies kids. That was some other Globie. So I guess Brady got off easy on this one. And at least he and Belichick have one thing to bond over: How much they’re not going to tolerate their bullshit this year.