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Bryson DeChambeau Had A MELTDOWN On The Driving Range At Carnoustie Last Week

Wow! Bryson DeChambeau looking like an actual tortured artist at Carnoustie last week. Just losing his godddamn mind on the driving range after shooting an opening round 75. Pretty wild we’re just now getting this video to be honest. Videos like this usually hit the internet streets immediately after they’re taken. The fact that it was taken a full week ago is pretty insane. Maybe it was already out there and I just missed it.

We’ve talked a lot about DeChambeau on this blog and on the Fore Play podcast and almost none of it has been positive. In fact, none of it has been positive. He’s a bit of a weirdo and he acts like he has everything figured out but that dude looked suicidal in that video and it made me feel bad for him. It really did. I was just waiting for him to snap each and every one of those clubs over his knee. Put yourself in his shoes for a couple seconds. Imagine being at the British Open and just losing your ability to drive the golf ball. That had to be STRESSFUL. And who hasn’t been there with their golf game? I’ve always sorta thought DeChambeau might be one of those perfectionists who loses his shit when things are just a tiny bit off and it turns out that it’s true.

Seems like he figured it out though

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 12.59.33 PM