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Nathan Peterman Almost Throwing A Pick-Six On The First Play Of Bills Camp Is Proof That NFL Training Camp Isn't All Bad

I know the other day I said that nothing good comes from training camp. But I think I need to tweak the wording a bit. Nothing good comes from training camp for YOUR team. It doesn’t matter if it’s your favorite NFL team or players/keepers on your fantasy team. This is the time of the year where we have to hold our breath after every tweet about a player limping or riding on a cart to the locker room.

However as always the good team up in Buffalo is here to cheer us up. Seeing Nathan Peterman throwing to the defense again made me feel like it was football season again without having to sacrifice the last few weeks of summer while also giving everyone outside of Buffalo a good laugh. Yeah I guess it sucks that Bills fans. But if any fan base can take it, it’s the wonderful group of people that get absolutely lambasted on extra-strong Canadian beer and put each other through flaming tables from September through December. I don’t want to get to serious here, but Bills fans are pretty much the Jesus Christ of NFL fans. Making sacrifices for the well-being of everyone else. Even hearing the struggles of their rookie QB that’s bigger than Paul Bunyan will get a chuckle out of the other 31 fan bases.

But will #BillsMafia let this or the fact the QB that led them to the playoffs is now a Brown and buying secret clubhouse RVs get them down? Hell no. As long as the booze, tables, and condiments are flowing by Week 1, everything is fine. They know that every year a different AFC East team emerges as the hot pick in August to be the team that will take down the Pats in the division. But it looks like the Dolphins likely sealed up that honor now that they have an upgraded Ryan Tannehill under center.

So here’s to you Bills fans for leaving one set of footprints in the sand and carrying all the other NFL fan bases during the dog days of training camp.


TL;DR- I really need football season to get here