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Senior Tour Golfer's Ball Hits Seagull In Midair, Goes Out Of Bounds

Fuck seagulls. If this were me, that’s the deadest seagull in the world. Not from the impact of the ball. I probably don’t hit it hard enough. From a gun or my drone. Whatever it took, I would commit my life to killing this fucking seagull. I hate seagulls. When I played the Old Course I bought a sausage, egg and cheese and set it on a railing while I checked in. I was hungover so I really wanted to eat it. Couldn’t wait. Seagull flew over, grabbed it, and took off. It made some seagully noise that I’m pretty sure was it laughing at me. I was rattled, humiliated, emasculated.

Fuck seagulls.

I lose my mind when I myself make my ball go OB – now you’re telling me an evil seagull fucked up my hole?

Just horrific. Fuck seagulls.