Now The Real Question, Has Anyone Ever Been Faced Harder Than D-Wade?




Story that will obviously get overshadowed today but holy shit did D-Wade get faced in this whole situation. I mean he didn’t really have a choice, he sort of had to opt out to have any chance to keep Lebron but fuck. He just torched 2 years 40 million dollars and is now stuck having to get a new contract and staring down playing with Josh McRoberts and Shabazz Napier. Everyone watched the Finals, everyone saw him age in dog years. Yikes. D-Wade just sitting out in the cold by himself while everyone else is partying.



I’ve heard this rumor floating around, the D-Wade to the Bulls thing. Let me be as clear as possible. That right there, is the single worst thing that could happen to the Bulls in Free Agency. Signing an aging 2 guard that can’t shoot from 3, needs the ball in his hands to be effective and can’t stay healthy? FUCK and NO. I’d rather the Bulls go ahead with Boozer and the current roster than even sniff D-Wade. Get that thought of your head. It’s an awful one, unless of course you want Gar/Pax to get fired and realize signing him would most likely accelerate that process.


Also, lets not forget that even though it would be a homecoming for D-Wade he basically fucked the Bulls and Chicago in 2010 when he pretended to be interested even though the Heat thing had been decided during the 08 Olympics.





Our old friend Mo pointed this out yesterday but holy shit does D-Wade have the boniest knee of all time. ZERO cartilage in that thing.