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Malcolm Butler Just Bodied Corey Davis In Practice

Punting a picked pass? Awesome. Corey Davis didn’t stand a chance.

Anybody else have a flashback?

As much I want to know the real reason of why he was benched in SB52, it’s obvious we’ll never know what actually happened. And it really stinks. Football decision? Punishment? Money disagreement? Who knows. FWIW, I’ll never be able to buy the idea that he couldn’t have made a difference in that game. But whatever. Way above my pay grade.

Regardless, it’s clear Malcolm’s ready to get back on the field after a wild ride of a season last year in New England. And if you remember he got kinda torched in the playoff by none other than Corey Davis…

So ya, I’m pretty sure MB is taking all of his frustrations out with the punted pick. I don’t blame him. I’d be salty as fuck too. Hell, I’d still be salty all the way back to the massive Stephon Gilmore contract. But like a lot of girls, I hold grudges.

You have to love when guys get that jacked up this early in training camp. Titans fans are eating it up.

and my personal favorite:

God, I love football season.