Carson Wentz Was Looking Sexy As Heck Today At Eagles Training Camp

Philadelphia Eagles Minicamp

Carson Wentz had reconstruction surgery on his left ACL on December 13th. That’s just about 7 and a half months ago. Now typically athletes can return to playing anytime between 6-9 months post surgery on their ACL. That’s not to say that they’d be returning at 100% anytime between 6-9 months post op. But they can return well enough to at least perform. 7.5 months puts Carson Wentz right in that window. And considering the season doesn’t start until September 6th against Atlanta, that puts week 1 of the NFL season just under 9 months post surgery for Carson. But like I said, 6-9 months is the time frame that most doctors say that an athlete can return to sport specific activities. That’s not the exact time frame on how long it takes an athlete to come back to perform 100% at the highest level. But Carson Wentz? He’s not just any athlete. He’s not just some shmuck the Eagles picked up off the corner and threw under center. This man is touched by the hand of God. He is Ginger Jesus. And if it only took regular Jesus 3 days to rise, I think 9 months is very much a realistic expectation for Ginger Jesus. Especially considering how that beautiful son of a bitch was looking today at training camp.

Look at how strong that knee looks during that karaoke. No movement at all. Looks like he has a rock in that knee for an ACL. You try doing that on a busted ACL and your ass is on the turf in a second. The only thing looking stronger than Carson’s faith right now is that left knee.

He’s looking mobile and comfortable there in the pocket. Luckily most of the power can come off that right leg and ease the workload on the left knee. Even if he’s only at a conservative 70% right now, he’s still looking better than the majority of NFL quarterbacks out there. Hell, even walking into the building Carson Wentz was looking foine.

No limp. No nothing. Just looking sturdy as hell. All I’m saying is that Carson Wentz has a new ACL, he got married this offseason, and he’s coming into a season where his backup is the reigning Super Bowl MVP. If I’m the rest of the NFL, I start shitting my pants right now. The faster you can get used to walking around with fecal matter in your trousers, the better. Because Carson Wentz is about to go off.

P.S. – In case you forgot, I also ended up tearing my left ACL this past week. So if 7.5 months is the recovery time for Carson Wentz, I think 7.5 months should work for a beer league hero such as myself. As soon as I end up getting surgery, let the countdown clock begin. #ComebackSZN