Hypothetically Speaking, If Someone Called You A "Coward", Openly Mocked You And Put A Voodoo Spell On Your Life Would You Ever Go Back And Work For Them Again?







So  the big news in the NBA Free Agency Circus is that Lebron is still trying to come to a decision and the now infamous comic sans letter that Dan Gilbert penned back in 2010 is a major roadblock. Ummmm, no fucking shit? I don’t understand how this is just something that people are figuring out now. Do you not remember the letter when it came out? It was THE hot topic for days. Dan Gilbert basically called Lebron James a heartless coward (not entirely wrong after the decision by the way) and aired all the dirty laundry. Would you ever in a million years go back and work for a guy like that? I sure as fuck wouldn’t.



This is what I think a lot of people understate with these guys. Their egos are MASSIVE. Not saying this in a bad way either, you and I would have massive egos too if we were basically the King of the World. But when you have a guy like Dan Gilbert basically belittle you in front of the country, how could you forget that? I think it’s also a reason why Carmelo is still interested in the Bulls. Whether he openly admits it or not, playing for a first year coach that was a peer 1 year ago has to feel a little funny no? Melo has been in bad coach situations, he’s been in spots where the Coach can’t control a team and doesn’t respect his players. Money aside, would you rather play for an unknown first year coach in Derek Fisher or a proven guy who may be tough but at least respects his players and has a team that is loyal to him in Thibs.


If I was Lebron and I was signing with the Heat I would be completely upfront about it. Say, nothing against the Cavs fans and people of Cleveland but I will never play for Dan Gilbert. That is a bridge that was scorched. People may not like that but they would at least understand it. I certainly would.