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Patrick Reed Puts A Camera Crew In Timeout After They Jingle Change In Their Pockets

Laugh out loud funny. Patrick Reed telling them, “Keep going” made me giggle like a small child. He scolded them like they were a dog who got into the trash again. He put them in timeout! Really an amazing scene. Hey, they lost privileges. Shouldn’t have jingled that change in their pockets. People are gonna be mad at Patrick Reed and call him an asshole and a baby for this but this is what Patrick Reed does. This is who Patrick Reed is. Patrick Reed is kind of a dick. We know that Patrick Reed is kind of a dick so what we just watched wasn’t all that surprising. I’ll go as far as to say I agree with Patrick Reed. He’s playing for a lot of money and the last thing he needs is someone jingling quarters and nickels in their pocket while he’s trying to hit a difficult shot. I stand with Patrick Reed.

And sure, you could say I’d be killing guys like Ian Poulter or Bubba Watson for doing the same thing and I 100000% would be. I’m more than willing to admit that. The difference is (I think) I like Patrick Reed and I know I hate Poulter and Bubba. I treat different golfers differently cause this is America and I can do what I want.