President Obama Cuts Line At Famous Barbecue Joint In Texas, Continues His Tour Of Tyranny




(Source) Less than 24 hours after  polishing off some barbecue from John Mueller, Barack Obama hit another one of Austin’s most famous men of smoked meat on his way out of town. Following his speech at the Paramount, President Obama’s motorcade traveled to Franklin Barbecue on East 11th Street. The restaurant is well known for its great brisket and extremely long waits, but the president circumvented that using the powers of his office.

“I know this is a long line. I feel real bad, but – I’m gonna cut,” Obama said, according to a pool report from the Statesman’s Chuck Lindell. Aaron Franklin told the Statesman’s Ciara O’Rourke that nobody cuts the line at Franklin … except Obama.



And the reign of tyranny continues. Sneezeguards and line cutting. Whats next? Taking shits in handicap stalls? Double parking in front of restaurants? You going to start stealing towels from the East Bank Club next time you’re back in town? What other social norm do you want to take a shit on Mr. President? Just no respect for the common man. Hey newsflash BO, we live in a society here. If everyone started cutting the world would collapse into itself by Sunday. Friend in the line that you fake talk to? Fine. But just a straight up cut? Man, that’s low. Shaking my head Obama, shaking my damn head directly at you.






Be more of a suck up guy. Never seen someone fake laugh harder in my life.





Double PS


Is there anyone worse in the world than the person who shows up late to their flight and then asks to cut the entire check in line because they just can’t miss their plane! Yeah no shit, we can’t either you fuckstick, maybe get to the airport more than 20 minutes before your flight departs. That’s really the only line cutting we deal with as adults. That and Presidents. The worst.