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I Think I Just Started An NBA Fight Between Kevin Durant And CJ McCollum, Whoops!

So yeah, I think I just started an NBA twitter fight. The back story is above but in short we had CJ McCollum on PMT a month ago and he was an awesome guest. Really cool guy, one of those interviews that we didn’t look at the clock once and he was gracious enough to hang in the studio for over an hour. Towards the end PFT and I brought up the KD situation and how we call him a triple B and CJ said don’t do that. Pretty respectful move by CJ all things considered. So as newfound long last friends of his we granted him his wish and stopped using it.

Flash forward to today and the story of Kevin Durant basically telling CJ he wasn’t going to win anything and making fun of him ON CJ’S PODCAST went viral. So I made the simple request to my friend if we could bring back the B word. Well CJ answered and pretty much explained it perfectly and then Kevin Durant responded (from his actual twitter account this time) and dropped my new favorite line, “I just did your fucking podcast”.

In Summation I have CJ’s back because he’s a really cool guy with a ton of talent on and off the court including his podcast. And also because Kevin Durant is formerly a triple B (we may be bringing that back as soon as I get the go ahead) but he also may just be joking around here which would actually be kind of cool of him too.

I love the NBA

Now KD, come on our podcast please. I actually find your entire story with burner accounts and responses to people on Instagram fascinating because we’re all human after all. Let’s talk it out.