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Woman Gets Bulldozed By A Guard At Windsor Castle While Trying To Take A Selfie

Source - This footage shows the dramatic moment a tourist is shoved out of the way by a soldier from the Queen’s Guard outside Windsor Castle on Sunday.

In the video, which emerged online Tuesday, the soldier pushes the tourist, who is standing directly in front of him. In the footage, the tourist is seen standing in the path of the soldier, on the wrong side of a roped-off area outside the castle.

The soldier barges into the woman blocking his path, almost sending her flying to the ground. She then moves to the side as the soldier continues to march in front of shocked onlookers.

There are thought to be guidelines in place for guardsmen to deal with nuisances, which begins with stamping their feet and shouting.

The Ministry of Defense couldn’t confirm exactly when the incident took place but a spokesman told The Sun Online: “The Household Division is proud to guard Her Majesty and honored that people come from around the world to watch our ceremonial spectacle.”

First of all, the fact that the royal family is still employing a bunch of mindless henchmen to guard the castle in 2018 is ridiculous. Want to get rid of the selfie problem? Easy, replace the bearskin hats and muskets with tactical gear and AR-15’s. The only reason people take pictures in the first place is because they look like clowns. I imagine being a guard at Windsor Castle is like being a Zamboni driver. You’re just constantly being gawked at and there’s nothing you can do about it unless someone gets in your way. Which has the be the highlight of any guard’s day. Something to break up the monotony. I mean what did she think was going to happen? He wasn’t going to stop and smile for the picture. Yeah the stiff arm was a bit much but that’s what you get when you hop the rope. Part of me kind of wishes he stepped over her a la Allen Iverson/Tyron Lue.

Really show her who’s boss. Regardless, I think the lady learned her lesson. And I’d love to see how those selfies came out because if they’re good then none of this matters. It’s all about likes. That and not getting trampled to death in the process.