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A California DMV Worker Has Slept 2,200 Hours On The Job Over The Last Four Years And Won't Get In Any Trouble Because No One Filed Any Paper Work On Her

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SF Chronicle

SACRAMENTO — A state Department of Motor Vehicles worker slept at least three hours a day on the job for nearly four years, slowing down processing times in an agency known for its long waits, a state audit said Tuesday.

According to the state auditor’s report, the DMV worker napped at her desk for an estimated 2,200 hours of work time between February 2014 and December 2017, costing the state more than $40,000. The employee’s name was not released.

The employee’s supervisors failed to discipline her, despite noting in her performance evaluations that she routinely slept on the job, the audit said.

In response to the audit, the DMV said it could not take disciplinary action against the employee because her behavior had not been properly documented. A warning was issued to the employee in March that she could be disciplined for future on-the-job naps.

The woman works as a data operator, a position responsible for keying in changes of address and new vehicle ownership forms. On average, auditors said, data operators process 560 documents a day. Their sleepy colleague averaged 200 documents daily, which witnesses told auditors were often error-ridden.

There are times at work where I wish I could crush a 30 minute nap, mostly because I barely sleep at night. At my old job I wish I could have slept for hours at a time. We all wish we could, but could never imagine doing it. To have the balls to have slept 2,200 hours over a four year period is unbelievable. The DMV is widely considered one of the worst places in the world to venture to. When your license or registration expires and you have to waste your entire day sitting and waiting for these incompetent workers to do their simple jobs it’s the absolute worst. Well imagine knowing the reason you were waiting for hours on hours was because this fucking woman was passed out at her desk for three hours? Every single day she would punch in, pretend to do some work (which reportedly was filled with errors), and then doze off without anyone telling her you can’t do that.

I remember when Jetski took a quick little nap here in the morning and all hell broke loose. We all wish we could take a nap here and there, but no one actually does it. The best part is that because her behavior was not properly documented over time, she could not be punished for it. If I’m working at this DMV and see this bitch isn’t getting fired, or even docked pay, for sleeping at work EVERY SINGLE DAY then I would simply lose my goddamn mind. If my boss decided to nitpick one little thing I did while Nancy is passed the fuck out I think I’m just lighting the place on fire. I’m going full Milton from Office Space and taking everyone down with me.

They did say that if she decides to take naps in the future that they might actually discipline her. What a world. California. They truly just don’t give a shit about anything over there huh?