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JLo From The Clouds On Her 49th Birthday!!!



Look at Jenny From The Block dropping thunder from the clouds. On her 49th birthday no less! Damn near half a century old and still bringing the 95 MPH cheddar on the black of the plate along with some bubbly. True Khaleesi shit. JLo started her career as a Fly Girl on In Living Color, a show that’s been off the air for 24 years. Think about that. Since then, all she has done is become a superduperstar in entertainment, inspired Diddy to write sad songs about the one that got away, shattered Ben Affleck’s heart, tied the knot and popped out a few kids with Marc Anthony, and most impressively brought ARod’s newfound likability to a whole new level while creating a power couple on par with any #superteam out there. This picture alone should get ARod into the Hall of Fame, PED stories be damned.

Speaking of Big Cat’s boss, I’m happy to see him happy, flossing those pearly whites with the peak dad face and poppin’ those thangs out #TOFTB


While I know it’s probably not true, I like to tell myself that ARod’s Cousin Yuri took these pictures. Yeah the whole story of ARod pissing on his rug like an absolute Alpha likely tore them apart. But Jenny sensed the love Alex had for his cousin whenever he mentioned Yuri, so Jenny brought ARod to a restaurant without Alex knowing that Yuri was already at the restaurant waiting for them. Both had clenched fists at first, but once they looked in each others eyes and remembered how they just wanted the best for Alex’s career, the anger melted away in the hot Miami sun and all was well to the point Yuri was invited to Jennifer’s 49th birthday extravaganza. And that was your ARod + Cousin Yuri fan fiction for the day.

Here’s to another 49, Jen!

ARod must have melted when he saw this fit.

GOAT JLo music video and it’s not even close.