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Good Luck Coming Up With A Better Promotional Idea Than The Lansing Lugnuts

By God is this wonderful. Any person over the age of like 25 should know what this means and the tweet should just be the blog, but I know that’s not the case. Bringing in Backyard Baseball to any idea is an automatic win in my mind and this is exactly how you do it.

First off, you have the Pablo Sanchez bobblehead. Two things people love? Bobbleheads and smashing homers with Pablo Sanchez in Backyard Baseball. Combine the two and right there you have arguably the best promotion of the year. I mean everyone knows Pablo is the first pick whenever you load up a new season of Backyard Baseball.

The Lugnuts went to another level though. They are going with the full jerseys and name with the Mighty Wombats. That’s just genius. That’s a jersey that’s worth at least a grand – especially with Toys R Us closing. I mean I still remember going to Toys R Us (RIPIP) by the West Manchester Mall and getting my copy of the computer game the day it came out.

They also announced they will be playing the music from the game and just completely throwing it back to the days of Backyard Baseball. So not only do the Lugnuts have one of the best names in the game already, they just won the promotion game. Good on you, Lugnuts. Now, only one can hope the Lugnuts wear names of the players from Backyard Baseball. Would love to see Pete Wheeler leg out a double through the gap.