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Things You Hate To See: Deadspin's Report Of A Maryland High School Basketball Player Was Wildly Incorrect

You just hate to see Deadspin continue its trend of losing. The website, which Dave should own soon, had an extremely long piece back in March about Jimmy Sorunke, a 6’10” freshman tearing up the high school scene in Maryland. Here’s the headline:


The short answer here is no. No, he’s a 16-year old that was the victim of Deadspin trying to write about sports and still be a website that means something. Instead of trying to cover their own ass, Deadspin took this investigative report into Sorunke’s background and ran an article that takes 5 minutes to read about him.

Luckily for Sorunke real investigative people did the check on him and found out he is in fact not 20. Just a shame to see Deadspin wrong again. You truly hate to see it. I’m sure they’ll have some reasoning defending their actions into trying to track down Facebook profiles though:


Maybe one day Deadspin will learn. Leave the sports writing to people who actually know sports. Leave the investigative reports into people who know how to investigate. In the mean time keep writing hit pieces on guys like Large. It’ll keep your website alive for a couple more months.