Women's Basketball Player Shoots At Her Own Hoop, Confuses Everyone On The Court And Makes The Other Team Shoot At Their Own Hoop As Well



Now I’m not going to do what everyone thinks I’m going to do. I’m not going to say typical women or this is why women shouldn’t play pro sports or how can 10 people be so dumb in a simultaneous fashion. Nope, not going to say any of that. Because as you know I’m a WNBA season ticket holder and a guy in my shoes has signed a social contract to accept the good with the bad. Sometimes you see a perfectly shot chest level 3 pointer or an amazing bounce pass or an incredibly slow but fundamentally sound “fast” break and sometimes everyone just loses their mind and starts shooting at the wrong hoop. That’s just Women’s Hoops, the world’s last great roller coaster.





How long do they play that way if the quarter doesn’t end? Rest of the game? Number 4 just throwing the world on top of it’s head.