Phillies Fan Who Catches Home Run Ball While Dangling A Baby Is Probably Sleeping On The Couch For The Life

Impressive. Granted, most parents who bring newborns to baseball games are self-serving pricks solely looking for attention. There is literally zero reason to bring an infant to the ballpark other than have people gawk at how adorable their ugly baby is at the game. But you can’t hate on any snag while holding a baby…even if holding is stretch. That infant is DANGLING. In the end, the baby is safe and the catch is made, but this hero is still receiving a one way trip to the doghouse faster than if he were acting like a boy. There’s NO way any sort of lady/mother present would be happy for this fella. Not only was there was plenty of time to get the infant to safe pastures, he willingly inserted the baby into battle by making a borderline full body extension over to make the snag. I mean, look at this reach:

Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 9.59.22 AM

Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 9.59.37 AM

Love it. Godspeed and stay warm while outside, Pops. Take solace knowing you have the best grab by a father at the Bank since that Cool Dad in aviators summoned a liner to his palm with a parasite attached to his chest.


PS – Flashback to one of the greatest Daddy/Daughter moments of all-time. And a quick shot of Cliff Lee. Damn do I miss me some Cliff Lee.