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Stormy Daniels' Husband Filed For Divorce - True Love Is Dead!

NOOOOOO. I’m distraught. I’m devastated. I’m heartbroken.

What do you guys think happened? How did it get to this? Stormy and her husband were my celebrity couple. They were probably yours, too. They have been together for three years and the sky was the limit. I was thinking children, grandchildren, a white picket fence, a cabin they would vacation to on the weekends. Probably put on a Snuggie, pop in an old VHS, and cuddle until the sun set. I always thought that no matter how famous Stormy got, or how many big black dicks she took up her ass, one thing remained true: they loved each other.

I just need to know, why didn’t it work? They were perfect for each other, two great people in this great world, just living life…together.

I don’t know what did it. I want to instantly deny the thought that Stormy got too famous and moved on, because I think she’s too good for that. She remained faithful, that I am sure of. And what else I’m sure of is this: Stormy and her husband being donezo has made me give up all hope I ever had in finding love. I’m making Robbie get his “Why not?” tattoo removed. My life is now just full of “Why?”.

I’m genuinely sorry if I was the one to break this news to you tonight.