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Dwight Howard Continues To Be The Corniest Dude In The NBA With This Lame Answer About Playing For The Wizards

This fucking guy. I mean it doesn’t get any lamer than this. Here is Dwight, a guy who proved he can still be a decent player in the league last year, answering about making his way to Washington. Of course Howard thinks he’s hilarious and you can see him starting to cackle during the answer.

This is why Dwight sucks. He can’t just be a normal person. Shit, he can’t even be a tolerable dude. He’s hated in locker rooms. He gives the lamest answers. He got Stan Van Gundy fired. He’s soft as shit. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s a dude that searches his own name on the Internet or Twitter.

What the shame is people refuse to acknowledge that Dwight was a great player because of this shit. Every person now remembers Lakers Dwight or Rockets Dwight getting punked by Kobe from the sidelines. No one seems to remember that he was one of the best defensive players we’ve seen during his peak. That he was an All-NBA dude and yes, he will be in the Hall of Fame despite being lame as shit.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Dwight did learn Magic for eight years. That seems like something he would do.