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R. Kelly Making A Song Where He Says, "I Admit It, I Did It" Is A BOLD Move

Am I dreaming? Did that just happen? Did my ears just hear those words in that song? Just so we’re clear, R. Kelly admitted to everything people have been saying about him forever. He admits he’s a freak. He admits that he fucks with old and young girls. That shit was straight out of Chappelle’s Show. I was waiting for him to say, “I want to piss on you”. I can’t imagine his lawyers are super pumped about that song being made and released. I could be wrong but that’s gotta be the first R&B song that has the word “pedophile” in it.

Will that said, the song is a bop and a half. Everyone agrees. Just look at the comments. It’s all people loving it and throwing heart eye emojis all over the place. This is why R. Kelly is still a free man in 2018. He’s bulletproof cause, despite it all, he makes molten lava hits and that’s all people truly care about at the end of the day. He can literally make a song where he admits to pissing on underage girls and everyone will still be like, “YASSSSSSS KING RELEASE THAT SHIT NOW!” Remember the movement a couple months ago that tried to expose R. Kelly? It came and went. Male celebrities are dropping left and right these days due to allegations but R. Kelly keeps on keeping on cause he’s a hit factory. That’s just the way it is.