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President Trump Just Gave The Entire World The Sunday Scaries In All Time All-Caps War Threat For The Ages

I mean, not to burst DJT’s bubble, but that’s not how Twitter works. You have to @ the guy. It’s day 1 Twitter stuff. You would think Trump would know that by now. Shocking, really.

But ok more importantly, the fuck is he doing sending that all-caps Tweet at god damn 11:24 on a Sunday night? We live in a society, pal. Us, the working people, are just trying to get rid of the shakes and anxiety attacks long enough to get a few hours of sleep before returning to the hell that is the 5 day work week, and he drops that on us? Who cares about Russia and Putin and that stuff, that tweet is reason enough for impeachment. You can not give an entire country, nay, the entire world the Sunday Scaries like that. Threatening consequences the likes of which few throughout history have ever suffered before? Gees Louise dude, I mean I’m upset Wedding Crashers wasn’t on TV tonight too, but take a chill pill. Go watch a few eps of The Office and simmer down a bit. Save that tweet for a Tuesday afternoon. Right now was just horrific timing.

What’s actually great about that tweet is the reaction on Twitter. Everyone is just so over it, it’s a battle to get the best joke off. Nobody cares our president is screaming on Twitter at a guy who has nukes. We’re so used to it by now. We’re all just counting down the days til next weekend when we can make equally bad decisions with our cell phones with tweets and texts to people we probably shouldn’t be talking to. Threaten Iran, or not, whatever dude, as long as the bar has tequila.