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This Map Showing Twitter Use Around The World As Tiger Woods Was Charging Is Pretty Cool

I know Tiger lost. I’m well aware of that fact and I’m devastated. That was as good a chance as Tiger Woods is going to get to win another major. I’m not saying he’ll never be in position to win another major again but I am saying that today was the best chance he’s had in a longgggggggg time to win a major and he fucked it up. Plain and simple. The mistakes he made on 11 and 12 cost him the Claret Jug and broke all of our hearts. You just can’t go double bogey-bogey and expect to win. But with all that said, Tiger Woods continues to move the needle for his sport more than any other player in any other sport. Look at that map! Look at it! The United States glowed so hard that it looked like plutonium. I almost had to put on sunglasses it glowed so bright. I didn’t even know they had internet in some of the places that started to glow (yes I’m aware that I’m from Iowa).

People all over the world were firing off tweets about how awesome it was to have Tiger Woods sitting atop a leaderboard at a major championship. It doesn’t matter if you love or hate Tiger Woods, you have opinion about Tiger Woods when he’s playing well. Some of the tweets on that map probably said, “Fuck Tiger! I hope he never wins again” but they were talking about him and golf and that’s all that matters. Golf doesn’t necessarily need Tiger in order to succeed but god damn it does he push it to a whole different level whenever he’s involved. Look at that map!