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Rate This Lakers/The Office Theme Song Mashup

I’ve long stated, I’m a sucker for a good internet mashup. This isn’t the first time the internet has provided us with an Office/Team X video, if you remember earlier in the during the season there was a much better one done with the Toronto Raptors 

While some may think this is played out, you give me anything with The Office theme song and I’ll watch it. We all know the Lakers are going to be much more of a shit storm than that Raptors team was, so in that regard they needed some sort of video like this. Now just like I did with the Raptors, it’s time to break down each of the best character fits with their Laker counterpart

David Wallace – Rob Pelinka (seeing as how he already has acting experience as Chris Taeger on Parks and Rec, this should be easy for him)

Michael Scott – Magic Johnson (naturally Magic thinks he’s the best boss of all time, sometimes gets in trouble for what he says)

Jim – Brandon Ingram (quiet, everyone thinks he’s really good at his job but he never really gets any better)

Pam – Lonzo Ball (he kinda sucks but no one wants to admit it)

Stanley – Rondo (I give it 2 months before Rondo is grouchy and wants to fight everyone)

Dwight – Luke Walton (desperately wants to run things, but everyone is really just going to listen to Magic)

Kevin – JaVale McGee (I mean sometimes this just writes itself.)

Ryan – Kyle Kuzma (young, thinks he’s the coolest dude on the team, rising star. Perfect fit)

Creed –Michael Beasley (You never know what the hell Beasley is going to do at any given moment, that’s basically Creed)

Jan – Jeanie Buss (I mean…duh)

Darryl – LeBron James (probably the most talented on the show. Wants to get into more of a decision making role)

Todd Packer – LaVar Ball (loud, rude, general disaster, thinks he’s better than he is. Great fit)


I’d be more than happy to hear of any other pairings you think may be a better fit. To be honest I don’t love my LeBron one, but I couldn’t not include him. This blog also led me down a rabbit hole of other NBA mashups, so if you’re hungover this morning, take a load off and give these a look as well



Still my GOAT though