The Anaheim Ducks Managed To Screw Up Their Throwback Jersey


83% of the way to perfection. So close that you have to hope there was at least one person on the design team adamantly against the shoulders being fumbled like this. The old Mighty Ducks jerseys rank among the greatest in all of sports history. You can factor in the nostalgia of it all and say what you will about them but they were nothing short of iconic. From the colorway to the duckbill goalie mask, Anaheim never stood a shot at making anything better. Why they ever went away from the Mighty Ducks moniker in the first place I’ll never understand. I’m sure the answer is extremely Googleable but I wont do it and you can’t make me.


That green on the shoulders with the modern, weak-ass, webbed-foot D logo should be viewed as a crime. The wheel had already been invented. Everyone agreed it was a strong wheel that didn’t need any extra frills or revamping. I’m sure they’ll sell these ones like crazy and the NHL will make itself some money but boy is that one imperfection a glaring misdeed to the jersey world as a whole. I can’t imagine Paul Kariya or Charlie Conway is too happy about any of this right now.