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"Dr. Bumbum" Is On The Run After A Patient Died Following A Buttocks Enhancement Procedure


Fox News – A prominent Brazilian plastic surgeon, whose nickname is “Dr. Bumbum,” is on the run after a patient died Sunday following a procedure to enlarge her buttocks.

Denis Furtado, 45, is famous for his treatments, according to BBC. He is prominent on social media where he has garnered more than 600,000 Instagram followers and posted photos of his surgeries to Facebook as well. He has also posted videos on YouTube with dieting advice.

Denis Furtado, aptly nicknamed “Dr. Bumbum”, seems to have gotten himself into quite the pickle here. RIP to Lilian Calixto, the woman who tragically passed away after undergoing a procedure administered by Furtado. She deserved better.

It seems pretty crazy to me that a guy doing buttocks enhancement procedures in his apartment could rack up over 600,000 followers on Instagram, but after doing a little research it makes a bit more sense. Take a look at some of his prior work.

I don’t know about you, but I see obvious progress in both of those pics. I’ve never really ventured into the world of plastic surgery accounts on Instagram (other than my girl @drpimplepopper if that counts), but I’d have to guess his account hits a lot of spots for a lot of different people, depending on what you’re looking for when you start scrolling down your Instagram feed.

Either way, the moral here is pretty simple. If you’re looking for a little pick-me-up in your trunk, something to help fill out those new jeans or just turn heads as you skip past a construction site, I officially recommend going to someone who, I don’t know, maybe at least has some actual medical credentials. If you really want to cross your Ts and dot your Is, I’d even ask to see a medical degree or two. I don’t really understand how someone like “Dr. Bumbum” established enough clout in the butt surgery world to start doing all these procedures in the first place, but I’ve also never been to Brazil so maybe I’m just missing something here.

I hope Denis Furtado gets caught and does the hard time he deserves for misleading people into believing he was even qualified to perform procedures like this and ultimately killing this poor woman, Lilian Calixto.

In other news, I’m off to see “Dr. Dickdick”. Wish me luck.