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A Snail And A Couple Of Worms Vs. A Barracuda - Who Ya Got?

Sorry, you were wrong. The correct answer is C. Atlantic Midshipman

I’ll admit I didn’t know what an Atlantic Midshipman was outside of the rascals that invade New York every summer looking to get lubed up in more ways than one during Fleet Week. But I now have nothing but #RE2PECT for the fish as well. To quote a few of the voices of my generation, the Atlantic Midshipman ain’t nuthing ta fuck wit! What a sneaky, vicious move. Something straight out of Littlefinger’s playbook. The entire time we are waiting for that snail and/or the worms to meet their maker sooner or later. Instead that slick son of a bitch Midshipman bided his time and killed the fuck out of the blue barracuda before dragging it down to his hole and leaving nothing but death and some silt/sand/ink/shit in its wake. From 0-100 MPH in 1 second and then it’s just over.

This is why anybody that ventures to the deepest depths of the sea is crazy in my mind. I’d rather have my fat ass shot up into space then to the dark blue water of the sea. The ocean seems like a fun place when you are getting drunk on the beach or shredding some gnar close to shore. But the REAL ocean is dark and full of terrors. Anybody that doesn’t respect it will go the way of the barracuda. Or I guess the snail, whose death was the saddest P.S. in video history as the worms wonder what the fuck just happened and those narrators have a good laugh at Sammy Snail’s expense. That was (12 YEAR OLD SPOILER ALERT) Leo DiCaprio getting shot while coming off the elevator in The Departed-level shocking.

P.S. Orange Iguanas >>>>> Blue Barracudas in Legends of the Hidden Temple