World Cup Anti-Gambling Ad Is Laugh Out Loud Funny




Literally burst out laughing when that little Asian kid started crying in his cheerios.


Wahhhhh, my dad tried to provide my family with a better life by betting on a few soccer games. Boo hoo, I have a father who actually cares about me and my future and wants us all to be millionaires. Give me a break kid. I’d rather have my dad shoot for the moon then play life like a pussy and throw everything into a 401k.



Oh and you bet your fucking ass you’re rooting for Germany. This ad makes no sense. Clearly the bet is still live. That’s the best feeling in the world, right when you place a bet before the game begins and you think in your head how much money you’re about to make. That’s pure happiness. Such a little shithead, can’t even cry at the right time.