Chicago Guy Who Wrote "How To Survive The Running Of The Bulls" Got Gored By A Bull In Pamplona

PAMPLONA, Spain— An American who co-wrote a book called “How to Survive the Running of the Bulls” was badly gored on Wednesday in the morning bull run at Pamplona’s San Fermin festival. A Spanish man was also gored in the “encierro”, when runners in red scarves and white outfits dash through the Spanish town’s streets pursued by the huge animals. Chicago resident Bill Hillmann, 32, tripped and fell when a bull gored him in his right thigh, according to festival website

A Hemingway aficionado, Hillmann travels to Pamplona every year to take part in the festival. The black bull that gored him was the heaviest of the morning’s six bulls from the Victoriano del Rio ranch, weighing around 1,300 pounds. The Spaniard, a 35-year-old man from Valencia, was gored in the chest and taken to hospital in a semi-conscious state, officials said. The two men are in a serious condition, the regional government said.




Alright I’ll say it, I kind of wish this guy had died. Is that fucked up? Because it’s the truth. Sorry, if you write a book titled “How to Survive the Running of the Bulls” you can not get trampled and gored by a Bull. You just can’t. Yeah you technically survived but that’s just a technicality. That Bull won and you lost (besides the fact that he was probably killed in a stadium 20 minutes after this). He stuck his horn/antler 4 inches into your leg, you just laid there like a pussy. I don’t root for deaths, especially not American deaths, but come on, we can all agree this goring was sort of deserved right? I’m Team Bull to begin with, add in a book basically calling yourself an expert on how to beat Team Bull and I don’t think I’ve ever been more on the Bulls side in my life.




Only thing worse than writing a book on how to survive the running of the Bulls and then getting gored by a Bull is writing a book on how to survive the running of the Bulls and then getting gored by a Bull in a pair of Vibrams. Those grippies not work or something dude?