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Bad News For Nuggets Fans Is Michael Porter Jr Just Had Back Surgery, Good News For Nuggets Fans Is They Don't Expect Him To Miss The Season

Denver Nuggets 2018 Draft Picks Press Conference

Little good news/bad news situation here for fans in the Mile high. On one hand, you never want to see news come across that your prized young asset who already had serious injury concerns go under the knife. Even if it’s for something minor, you see the word surgery and you have every right to get a little triggered. Add in the word “back” and that’s just feeding fuel to the fire. So in that regard, not the best news to come late Wednesday afternoon. Remember back in November he had a procedure called a microdiscectomy to deal with previous back issues. On the other hand, the rest of that tweet is good news. If doctors truly believe this is a breakthrough for MPJ’s herniated-disk issues, well that’s fucking fantastic. Back injuries can ruin your entire career so the fact that there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel is awesome. Even better news is that despite the additional surgery there is no plan for him to sit out next season. That’s a win any way you want to slice it (pun not intended but intended).

But if we’re in the trust tree, would it be the worst decision to have MPJ be overly cautious and sit out anyway? The Nuggets still have a deep and talented roster and were a game away from making the playoffs in the tough West as it is. I don’t think they ever felt that once they drafted MPJ that he was going to be their saving grace to finally break through and make the postseason. I think while it may be tough to deal with, I think most Sixers fans will tell you they had no problem being overly cautious with Embiid/Simmons if it meant they wouldn’t have to worry too much in the future. For my own selfish reasons I hope he plays at some point, because I think he’s going to be awesome in the DEN system, but at the same time I also want to be able to watch him play for like 10+ years, and if that means sacrificing his rookie season then so be it.

Either way, I suggest MPJ find his way to his local dispensary (don’t go downtown though, go to like Wheat Ridge/Highlands) and enjoy the ride to recovery. My fingers are crossed we see him at some point, and for someone who is washed at 31 and gets a sore back from lifting his dogs into his car, I can only imagine MPJ is hoping this finally does the trick.