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John Gruden Is Your Newest Assistant Coach Of The New York Islanders


The New York Islanders. I’ll tell ya what, man. Typically if you’re an Islander that means you’re surrounded by water but these guys are actually playing on a sheet frozen water. It’s crazy, man. Doesn’t seem like an island to me. More of a glacier than anything. They got this guy named Cal Clutterbuck. I call him the “Messy Deer”. And Johnny Boychuck? The man is like a ninja out there on defense. I’m gonna start calling him Johnny Nunchuck instead, man. And I’ll tell you who else is a real great lad on this roster, man. It’s Andrew Ladd. Great guy. Love him. And speaking of power plays, have I ever told you about Spider 2 Y Banana? All I’m saying is I can’t wait to get to work with that guy Matt Martin, man. He’s a real Gruden Grinder if I’ve ever seen one.