Marshmallow Soft Elon Musk Apologizes For Calling Diver A Pedophile

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This fucking guy. Elon Musk? More like Elon Weather Vane. Does he think the guy’s a pedophile or not? Make up your mind pal. No wonder Tesla investors are pissed off. They have a CEO who won’t stand for anything. His words mean nothing at this point. This is yalls leader? This is the guy people have entrusted with their hard earned dollars? Sad. It’s really embarrassing. He shouldn’t have called the guy a pedophile if he was gonna eventually tuck his tail between his legs and tell everybody he’s so sawwwwwwy. How can his investors trust any decision he makes? They can’t take him at his word. He might just change his mind down the road if the backlash gets too hot. I don’t agree with Elon calling the diver a pedophile in the first place but he could at least have some pride and double down on his baseless claim. Go down in hail of false pedo accusations. I’d at least respect that. To apologize is to admit you’re wrong. To be wrong is to be weak. Never let’em see you sweat even after you called a guy a pedophile for absolutely no reason. Elon Musk = SAWFT. Stand for something or fall for anything.