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A 25-Foot Statue Of Jeff Goldblum Has Been Erected In London To Celebrate Jurassic Park's 25-Year Anniversary

Jurassic Park 25 Anniversary Photocall

BBC- A 25ft (7.6m) statue of Hollywood actor Jeff Goldblum has appeared next to London’s Tower Bridge. The monument depicts the Jurassic Park star reclining, open-shirted, in a recreation of his famous pose from the 1993 dinosaur blockbuster. Fans have flocked to the temporary installation on London’s south bank, with one dubbing it the city’s “best attraction”.

The 150kg (330lb) effigy will be in place until Thursday 26 July. It was unveiled to mark 25 years since the release of Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi extravaganza, in which Goldblum played Dr Ian Malcolm.

Never in a million years could I dream that a 25-foot statue of Dr. Ian Malcolm dripping sex could actually be erected (haha erected) in real life. But to quote the man himself, “Life, uh, finds a way”. Good luck finding a dry knicker in the Greater London Area with that giant statue oozing pure machismo. Since we are apparently only a few years from bringing back dinosaurs, this gif could actually be recreated in real life before the next World Cup.

Hit’em KG!!!

To be honest I had no idea you could just build a statue like that in a major city, especially fancy Londontown. I figured those Brits would stick to boring historical figures like Prime Ministers or people that used to serve tea to the Queen. Nope, a fictional character that became an internet sensation behind memes, unbridled sex appeal, and completely logical takes about bringing dinosaurs back to life can have his very own statue built in order to honor one of the great cinematic marvels of our lifetimes. And not only that, but a statue of an American actor from an American movie becoming London’s “best attraction” in someone’s eyes over shit like Big Ben and Buckingham Palace feels like another win for America. Especially since the statue is 25-feet tall in honor of the 25-year anniversary of Jurassic Park despite England being ride or die with the Metric system forever. After the last few days in the news, it feels good for the ol’ U.S. or A to walk away with a W.