You Have To Be A Real Asshole To Bring Your Scooter Into The Subway And Use It To Block The Door Of The Train

First of all let me just say that I don’t care if that vehicle is technically a scooter, a motorcycle, or Zed’s chopper. The dude driving it is an absolute asshole and not just because he is wearing sunglasses inside. Why anybody in the world with another mode of transportation would willingly go on the subway is beyond me. The reason you get a little pocket rocket piece of shit like that is so you don’t have to experience the feeling of your soul crushing as you swipe your Metrocard 3 times at the same turnstile before waiting 15 minutes for the privilege to stand dick-to-ass on an overcrowded train whizzing through a rat-infested tunnel.

But this son of a bitch not only went down to a commuting dungeon despite having a perfectly acceptable Plan A to avoid it, but also blocked the doors. There aren’t many rules on the subway. Don’t speak unless spoken to, and even then probably don’t speak. In fact, just look at your phone or stare a hole through the wall in front of you with headphones in your ears from the moment you get in the subway to the moment you leave. But one big rule is don’t block the doors. When riding the subway, you have to realize that you are lumped into that misery maze together and everyone wants to get on and off the train as quickly and easily as possible. The last thing you want is some hardo with a suped up scooter parallel parked perfectly in the train’s entrance and making you walk to the crowded part of the train that doesn’t have the rude asshole blocking the door. That girl’s face is exactly how every New Yorker would feel after living and working a day in a city that is always on All-Madden then having to deal with some mamaluke scooterspreading in the entrance.


Utter defeat. If she murdered that dude on the spot, I don’t think you could get 12 people to convict her. Because odds are at least one of those jurors rides the subway to work every day and anybody that has ever done would give Scooterboy the death penalty before they gave that girl a day in jail.