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We Have A Main Event For Rough N Rowdy 4. The Ex Con Vs. Gay Pat



Nothing like a little Ex Con who doesn’t care for gays vs. our resident gay guy Gay Pat in RNR 4. You can’t make up this type of rivalry. Oh and did I mention that Bill Burr is announcing again with Big Cat and I? And that Pat McAffee is going to be in the ring doing his best Bruce Buffer impersonation for all the big fights? And it’s all taking place at the birthplace of boxing Youngstown Ohio? And that top to bottom this is our best most colorful group of fighters we’ve ever had. Plus it’s on Pay Per View on Sunday Night when there is literally nothing else on TV. All signs point to this being a record breaking event. Buy now for $15.99. Price jumps to $19.99 the day of the fight.   Rough N Rowdy is the best thing we do.  Everybody says it every time.  Don’t be the idiot who misses out.  There is no better bang for your buck.